Abraham & Agnoli associates with many experts in various fields which, on a case by case basis may be important for your case.  However, the people who you, as a client, will be in contact with on a routine bases in addition to the lawyers are Linda Mass, our office administrator and Cindy Morata, our para-legal assistant.  Both Linda and Cindy are proficient in Spanish and English.


Linda has over 45 years of experience working in the legal field as a legal assistant and aministrator.  She has brought her expertise to Abraham & Agnoli since its inception over 15 years ago.  She continues to use her skills to help our clients by working closely with all parties.  Drawing on her vast experience and knowlege of how to “get things done” Linda often deals with insurance adjusters, medical providers and facilitates the client’s progress through the often challenging litigation process.


Cindy has been at Abraham & Agnoli for 15 years.  She is a licensed and registered para-legal and notary public.  She is completely familiar with each client’s file and is able to assist each client when the attorneys are in court or deposition.  She is the welcoming voice at our firm and ensures the firm runs smoothly.